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how does numerology works

How Does Numerology Work?

I am giving exact process about the working of numerology. Does numerology bring luck that would bring prosperity? Do you know how numerology works? Here is what I came to know after a long research about numerology. Numerology works by making name numbers vibrate positively to bring in luck and Read More

name correction numerology

Numerology Name Correction

16 steps of numerology name correction Know Pythagoras & Chaldean Numerology Charts for numerology name correction Know the number values for each alphabet to make numerology name correction. Apply the values to each alphabet of your name. Add all of the numbers. You will get a compound number. Reduce that Read More

Hand Reading Online Free Palmistry

Hand Reading Tips

What is hand reading? When it comes to interpretations of lines and palm characteristics across palmists. We trace the root of hand reading  from Hindu astrology in India. It spreads all over the continent from there. We use hand reading or Plamistry to  predict and foretell of various things of Read More