How to Calculate Baby Name Numerology?

What is baby name numerology

Baby Name Numerology is an old age science that decides the positive name of a newly born baby. Date of birth of a baby plays an important role in naming a baby. According to baby name numerology, a name must be decided based on birth number of a baby and the destiny number. The two numbers become a part of integral definitions of a baby name numerology.

This is the procedure to calculate baby name numerology. For example: A baby is born on 20-03-2020. Here the birth number is 20. i.e 2+0=2 ( Make it a single digit) And destiny number is the addition of birthday birth month and birth year. i.e. 2+0+0+3+2+0+2+0 = 9 ( Reduce to a single digit)

The conclusion is birth number = 2 , Destiny number = 9

While naming according to baby name numerology, you need to take into consideration these aspects of numbers 2 and 9. Each alphabet in a name takes one numerical number.

For example here is the pythagorus chart of baby name numeroloy

For example here is the Chaldean Baby Name Numerology Chart

You can follow one of these charts for baby name numerology. Are you confused which chart to be used? Here comes the knowldege of a numerologist. You can buy baby name numerology report from me. This report is based on both charts and I will carefully keep lucky baby name according to numeroloygy.

If you want to do on your own, this is the way to do it. First choose some names of your wish and calculate the numbers of each alphabet. The total number must come as per the birth number and destiny number. This needs lots of experience initially. You must know which are good numbers and which are bad numbers in baby name numeroloygy.

Here are the bad numbers for baby name numerology. 13, 20, 18, 26, 28, 31, 13, 62, 55, 8, 17, 4 etc.

Here are the good numbers for baby name numerology. 10, 19, 23, 46, 15, 50, 24 etc.

When you add the numbers in baby’s name, it must come to one lucky number above. ( Remember not all lucky numbers are lucky to your baby again.) For example 10 is lucky for those who are born under 1, 10, 19, 28 of any month. In the same way 15 is not lucky for the above mentioned birth numbers. So you must check them carefully.

Baby name numerology is very crucial in naming a new born kids where they can live a lucky life ahead. If you name a baby in hurry burry, the consequences could be different in the future. Officially it is very difficult to change name in the records.

So take some time and prepare throughly how to change your baby name according to numerology. If by mistake you give a wrong name, then you will have to work out in the future for numerology name correction.

Though there are many aspects in numerology for baby name numerology, my sole purpose is not to make you brain washed in such a way that you can give name to your baby on your own. It needs lot of expertise and experience. If you can, approach always numerologist near you. This way you will not make any mistake.

Take utmost care while choosing baby name numerologist because there are many fake out there. Ask numerologist about their qualification, if there is no official qualification from any university, they are 99% fake numerologists. So you must take right choice whom to choose and whom not.

Syam Reddy has qualification from Urbaniana University Rome Italy and has high experience in naming a newly born babies. You have to choose such baby name numerologists for better baby naming. Email him

Having said this, the sound of the baby’s name also play a role to some extent. For example a baby name cannot include “sad” in it like prasad etc. This implies that he or she will live a sad life. In the same way it must not include “il” sound. This sound makes them ill. For example Philson.

Follow all the rules appropriately while namin a baby. Vowel must match with consonants too. Get some automatic numerology calculator which will help you do calculations faster. For example:

baby name numerology calculator

There are many thousands of calculators available. You can pick one. And things will become easy for you to know which numbers are coming. For example in the above calcualtor, I typed Filson and you can see the results. The total number is 30. This name is suitable for those born on 30 of any month. And consonants are 6 and vowels are 6. Both are matching with same 6 number . That is fantastic. Vowels and consonants must be friendly numbers. Otherwise if vowel is 2 and consonant is 6, then that is a big problem.

Baby name must be numerologically tuned. The negative vibrations will fall over if the name does not match with birth related numbers. Here are few names that I have given to my clients.

Baby Name NumerologyUnlucky Name Given
HARINI Harinya

The above names are tuned perfectly according to each ones date of birth and fate number. Do not use these names for your baby as they should match your baby’s birth number.

Remember some points while you want to go with naming your baby numerologically.

  1. Know the numbers for alphabets.
  2. Know the birth number and fate number of your baby.
  3. Choose some 10 random baby names.
  4. Calculate each baby name adding to compound number.
  5. See whether the name matches or not.

If you have doubts still with baby name numerology, follow my free advice on YouTube Channel invitelucknumerology

Lastly think about which type of name is suitable. I suggest to go with 2 syllabic names which are user friendly to call. Don’t go with too long baby names that will not work out well. To get luck, one must call them with that given name regularly. This is very important aspect in baby name numeroloyg.

For example: will any one call a long name with 5 syllables? No impossible. People are very clever to call short names. If you tune your name numerologically and if people are not calling with that name; is there any use of naming your baby that way. Remember name must be called often for positive vibrations and luck.

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