Free Birth Chart Reading

Astrology Birth Chart Reading

I was always curious about my future and I found out ways to know it.  Free Birth Chart Reading is the one for which I have searched and Found it here.

Free Birth Chart Reading means that one can get his or her astrology analysis free of cost. You can see freely your  birth chart by putting your birth number and time given here in our free astrology calculator. Keep ready with all those details like time of birth and place of birth and date and month and year of birth. In this way you will get perfect chart analysis.

Check Your Online Free Birth Chart Below:

Free Birth Chart Reading

Free Astrology Reading with detailed birth chart analysis.  This free birth chart is for those who seek for a lucky life. Now go ahead to know astrology chart reading free with out paying to astrologer.

You can check this astrology chart reading online only. This free birth chart report analysis is based on your date of birth and time.

So keep ready your birthday and time of birth in hand. Then it is easy to enter into the chart in order to get in depth astrology reading free. These free astrology charts are genuine and we give it out freely.

So why wait now. Get your free astrology reading online in depth and accurately. You can check all about you and get free readings of astrology by entering your details now itself.

The free astrology reading given may not be sometimes applicable to you. So we request your discretion in following the readings of astrology. Enter your astrology birth chart details correctly to get right report or else you may not get right free report.

Free Accurate Readings of Astrology

So work upon hard for success along with this complete free astrology about you. These free astrology readings may be from outer sources.

So in this way, you can think about all your astrology predictions and free astrology reading of this year and the coming future years ahead.

But thing hard work is very important. With out hard work you cannot achieve lucky life online or off line.Talking of all these things, its time is very important.

Free astrology reading and free reading of astrological aspects are authentic and can boost you in many different ways.

So you can use this free astrology reading to know about your future free of cost. Astrology  reading is completely based on Indian astrology.

If you fail in any exam or job then surely you will remember astrologer. Your Astrologer counsel and help you how to reach your goals. He may suggest some ring or birth stone to wear to your fingers.

You may perform some ritual about your birth and know exactly where the bad luck lies within you.

First you must know all this. Then only you can proceed to the other level of know what you are and how you can really influence people around you.

I have given your birth chart calculator there above as a part of my free astrology reading. Just check clearly or take your birth chart one print out and go the astrologer near by who can help you in this matter.

This free astrology readings are age old beliefs. So it must be your idea whether to trust or not.

Free Birth Chart Analysis

Free birth chart analysis is very simple. Just if you know exactly at which point of time you are coming into this world, that is the time you birth luck started.

That is the time when your luck started with the astrology planets around you.

These planets of astrology will bring changes in your life through out your job career an marriage.

If you get any problem in marriage and career it is just due to the wrong planet influence on your date of birth.

This means it will also affect you in the long run. So if your aim is live a perfect prosperous life then you must in no doubt check your astrology power around you.

Are your birth chart reading say that your future is very good or very bad. Is you astrology birth calculator tells you that you are going to live a good or bad life.

Once you go to any astrologer around you he will help you in one or other way. He will explain about your charts perfectly to you.

This will allow to understand how is you future astrology and how you can get lucky or unlucky in a particular span of time.

However, that time it is for sure that you will have to follow astrology. So first only make a point to visit your astrology expert who can guide you how to move ahead and get lucky enough in your future.

Free astrology reading online

I suggest to read some astrology related books to know more deeply about your birth chart. Because after typing your birthday in the astrology chart, you may not understand in depth report.

You will be confused what is the birth chart about. This happens because you are no way astrologer. You are just a normal person.

So do not become too clever to try to know all from online astrology sources. This you can do but I say to visit your astrologer and that is the best way to reach lucky life.

Some times even after knowing your free astrology, if any astrologer tells about your bad luck then you may not rely on him.

You may think he may tell simply but it is not so. It is wrong. No astrology tells you that your life is very lucky.

Then it is false. So when you enter you birth details for free astrology reading, you must surely make sure to take that into your heart and do not take it so easy.

If you take your free astrology reading easy because you are getting freely then later you have to pay for that lack of seriousness in your birth chart.  I suggest to read from WIKIPEDIA FREE ASTROLOGY

Along with this point you must now take this seriously. If not taking your free astrology reading seriously then you will face unlucky life in the future or now.

So why you mess up with your life. Just take the help of this site and get complete free astrology reading.

Indian Vedic Chart and Natal Chart

You do not give anything to get this free vedic chart about your birth. We are here to give you our assistance. We are to help in the way of your future and frame good natal chart

I suggest you to have things around about astrology. Which means study about your free life chart and come to conclusion that you can bring success to your life.

So following the principles of astrology readings. So why do late now.

While reading these line what I am writing now, go towards the free reading astrology calculator.

Now check it your free birth chart in detail with our any shyness. I am here to support you if you do not understand you birth related charts.

We tell straightly what is the problem but first see from the above your free astrology reading.  Kindly read our About us page to know who we are and why we offer free birth chart to you.

2019 Astrology Predictions Live

Today we will know how 2019 will affect the world around. After checking the numbers in 2019 we are getting 12 when we add the total year. 12 again takes 3 when we add it to a single digit number.

So it is quite a good year for all. 3 gives all the blessing and improvements in every way possible especially this 2019 is good for educational institutions.

January 2019: This month is ruled by 1 and 3. This is combination of the powerful planets Sun and Jupiter. Very bad month to establish any kind of institutions.

This month will bring some havoc if you are not careful.

February 2019: This month is will give profits in every business. This is the month that you can start your institutions. Educational institutions will be more profitable.

March 2019: This month is a month for all business people. Very lucky for sensex and funds. You can invest in any thing to gain success.

This is the year of success in regards to financial management. So this way one can take enough number of risks. This may not lead to any disturbance.

April 2019: This month is very much fit for marriages  and partner and love success. Anybody who wants to propose can do so.

This is how once can really get success in relationships and love family and marriage.

May 2019: This is the month for those who want to go abroad for studies or work. This month will allow you to get visa easily for any country .

If you go abroad this month, you are very successful. So use up this month for education and studies. You can be very successful in all your endeavors in studies not only abroad but also in your country. But what I mean is to give preference for education through out this month.

June 2019: This month is the dangerous month than any other months in the year 2019. Shut all your trails and efforts and let this month pass in your life.

Do not do any thing in this month. Be careful or else you will be victim for anything. So be far from this month and take caution in every major action you perform.

July 2019: This month is the very lucky one for military and police or for doing any adventurous journey.

If you want to get into Guinness records or Lima book of record,  this month will co operate you very nicely and give you all success for your work.

So all police jobs OBI jobs and Adventure job are very lucky during this months.

August 2019: Very good for political leaders. If you want to implement any government schemes or want to do any thing politically,

Choose this month for great success. Do not give into a second thought. This is the month for all the leaders in the world.

September 2019:  Very good month overall. All round development can be seen everywhere. So go ahead even with out worrying about this month.

October 2019: There are chances for all spiritual guru’s and monks and swamiji’s . You will be getting all what you want this month.

November 2019: This month is very unlucky. Stay away in every aspect.

December 2019: This month is highly good again if you want to start any business.

Sun Sign Astrology Reading

Do you ever tried to  know the importance of your star signs in one or two words instead of reading many things about you.

Here I am giving a small and straight prediction of your star signs. Know you future and take a track of your star signs.

 Aries : If you are born between March 21 – April 19 then the Astrology Signs is Aries

Aries born are very active people and at the same time demanding. They are very determined in their choices.

Their thoughts prove to be effective. They are always seem to be lively in very work they do. They can impress many just by being at work place.

They have also talent to impress superiors and get the works done. The above are the basic characteristics of Aries.

Taurus : If you are born between April 20 – May 20 then the Astrology Signs is Taurus Taurus born are very patient and they try to understand people around them.

This is the basic positive quality of Taurus. At the same time they are very secure in some matters. They get also appreciation from others for some important things in life.

They have good strength to move and sort the things out from any problem. They can be  good public speakers.

Gemini: If you are born between May 21 – June 21 then star signs is Gemini

More on star signs

Gemini born are  very intelligent persons. They can communicate with others very cleverly without any problem.

But sometimes Gemini born are quite indecisive in their actions. This is major draw back. So they need to be very careful when taking any decisions.

They should always try to keep one personality rather than changing moods

Cancer : If you are born between June 22 – July 22 then Astrology Signs is Cancer Cancer born are very emotional and selective type.

You need to avoid some sentiments to live happily. you should not be emotionally taken up for some things.

You are very diplomatic and you know how to behave with people around. This is the positive approach on your part. But you are very intensive in your behavior too.

Leo : If you are born between July 23 – August 22 then the star signs is Leo Leo born are very generous in their dealings and at the same time they want to rule the people around them.

They take initiative in many things and allow themselves to participate in many social activities. Because of their warmth and kindness towards people, many approach them for help.

This makes them more active and they take initiative.

Virgo: People born between August 23 – September 22 are born within the sun sign Virgo

Virgo born are very thoughtful. You are very observatory and know things around you with great observation. You are very practical in doing things.

You don’t like routine way of formal rules which you feel useless.

You are very analytical in many areas. You analyze things very well so that they are well organized. You have the capability of getting success in investigation department

Libra: If you are born between September 23 – October 23 then the star signs is Libra

Libra born are very sincere minded person. They are very truthful and they don’t cheat others. They are filled with justice. They like beauty. They appreciate beautiful things around them. This means that these people give preference for perfection. They live in a state of perfection in every detail of their life. They balance their life with lot of virtues and good acts.

Scorpio: If you are born between October 24 – November 21 then the Astrology Signs is Scorpio

Scorpio born are purposeful, transient, self-willed and unyielding. They have a strong purpose in doing things. They wont interfere in things very easily unless there is a very good purpose. They have to see and check all the things before they start any work. They are the very special persons. They are sometimes very self willed which have both advantages and disadvantages.

Sagittarius If you are born between November 22 – December 21 then the sign is Sagittarius

Sagittarius Born are Philosophical and very logical persons. They are very reasoning type . Nobody can dare argue with them. They are very logical in their speech. They are very good at experimenting some things. They are successful scientists and poets and logic related subjects. They are also optimistic in all the ways. All the actions are filled with a kind of optimism.

Capricorn If you are born between December 22 – January 19 then the sun sign is Capricorn

Capricorn born are dominant. They are very good for administrative works as officers. They are very determined too in their choices. They are practical and willful to do the things in a right way without unnecessary formalities. They have patience and perseverance to achieve the aim or objective. They want to achieve and dominate certain things.

Aquarius  If you are born between January 20 – February 18 then the sun sign is Aquarius

Aquarius born are humanitarian. They think of society wellness. They have good amount of knowledge about everything happening in the society. They have insight to do certain things in the future. They help people and respects the place in which they  are born. They try to love people and help them in all their need. They are very helpful in nature.

Pisces If you are born between February 19 – March 20 then the sun sign is Pisces

 Pisces born are very reactive, indecisive, fluctuating . But the great quality they have is great imagination power. With this they rule the whole world. They have very good imaginative skill. But they react to some situations knowingly or unknowingly. They have to be strong in their decisions to be successful. They should take care in taking choices.

2019 Birth day Predictions

If you want to know 2019 numerology predictions, you must first keep with you your date of birth. According to your date of birth you will become successful in life. 2019 is ruled by Jupiter planet. It is very powerful planet than any other in the universe.

So 2019 numerology predictions are very special and peculiar. Jupiter will give all what you require of. It will give you good Job. This year is mainly for Job searching people rather than normal one’s. So take full benefit of 2019 numerology predictions as given below.

Also follow my instructions in detail. This way you can live a happy life. 2019 is very good year because all the internal numbers like 2,1,9 are friendly planets. Their combination is very good. This year will give all what you want to get all these years.

If you are born on 1,10,19,28 this year is going to rock and it will be your best year.You can become successful easily in 2019. So wait for the awesome luck awaiting you. Money flows like a river and you are going to enjoy all the benefits of the lucky year 2019. Sun rules this year 2017. So Sun favors mostly for those who are rule by sun and moon.

2,11,20,29 born candidates will have this year 2019 as a year of friendships partnerships and love affairs. You will go viral with new friends around.

So you are going to enjoy this year 2019 as a year of support. You will get all emotional support from the people around you.

3,12,21,30 born persons will feel good initially but very great bad luck is awaiting. So be careful with this year 2019. So this way you are going to feel bad and lack of life.

Many people around you will dominate you. You will feel down for each and everything.

4,13, 22, born men and women are extremely lucky this year. A year of lot of happiness and joy. This year will give all the luck one must have for.

So I wish personally all these persons who are born on Uranus.

5,14,23 Born candidates will have this year as an average year. No luck or bad luck. So I too do not give much information about this.

6,15,24 persons will have very very bad year. This year 2019 is a horror and danger year. So I warn all these people and be ready to face difficulties.

Venus cannot fight with Planet Sun. So these people will have to be calm and silent in many matters.

7,16,25 born persons are very good in terms of everything. This year 2019 is very lucky. As per Astrology 2019 and Horoscope 2019 this year will be very lucky for Neptune.

So these people will enjoy all the benefits of 2017. Very lucky year doubtlessly.

8,17,26 born of any  month waste of time this year. 2019 will hit you badly. Warning Warning Warning. I say thrice because it will not give you any luck. So take enough care that this year may not hit you.

9,18,27 born people will have great luck as usual. 2019 astrology and horoscope and numerology show very good signs of luck.

How to predict your turning points through astrology

f you want to know future prediction by date of birth FOR EXAMPLE: If Ram is born on 5.10.1990 .  Then you have to take the year 1990 for calculation.   Just total the year  i.e. 1+9+9+0  = 19. Now add 19 to your birth year i.e 1990+19= 2009 . So 2009 is the turning point year.  In the same way if you want to know further turning point years, then do in the same way i.e total 2009. i.e 2+0+0+9 = 11 .   So add 11 to 2009. i.e  2009+11= 2020 is you another turning point year. Cheiro predicted in this way Queen Victoria death. So in this way you must know now future prediction by date of birth

From the above you  must have understood now on future prediction by date of birth. So I want to tell you now about the turning point you are getting after the above calculation. So Once you calculate  you might have got an year.

Now turning point means it does not mean good luck or bad luck. Turning point means it could be either lucky or unlucky. You  must be careful in the result years.

Unlucky numbers

Have you ever thought of unlucky numbers which will bring many difficulties to a person Today I am going to reveal the important factors in unlucky numbers and date of births. It is unfortunate that we born with those numbers.

But we cannot help it out. We need to accept our date of birth and proceed our life with enough courage. Today I bring to you the most unlucky number in  numerology. Firstly I want to bring to your notice the numbers of Saturn which we can also call as “SANI”

Any one who is born with Saturn influence will undergo lot of struggles and difficulties in life. They will face many dangers as a matter of their unlucky date of birth. If is very sad to tell about these numbers.

The birth numbers which are very and most unlucky are those born in any month under 8, 17, 26 of any month. The people born on the given days will face lot many difficulties than any other people.

They will meet with many unknown dangers in their life. All the works of the people will be unsuccessful. Among the given numbers 8 and 26 are highly unlucky birthday numbers. 17 though unlucky will give some benefits of the planets Sun and Neptune.

So it is very sad that those born on the above date will miss all the opportunities in their lives.

So my strong advice is to make up ones mind born on 8,17, 2 of any month and live life courageously. In this way you can accept life and live happily than you expect something and live sadly. So take hope in numerology.
Also check your name and have a lucky name which will give some luck. It is in this way everyone can be successful by accepting failures.There are also some benefits of these people.
They can be good administrators. But their hand will bring bad luck in the lives of other people who work in the same area.
Getting to know something is very important rather not knowing any thing. Taking into action all these things you must make sure to catch the things and use the things that support you in your life.

Birthday Astrology

Born on 1,10,19,28 of any month

Astrology tells about 1 born people in a special way. 1 is a number which tells about leadership qualities. These people are highly qualitative in nature.

These people are really has great ambition. If you want to make this number known to everyone, then you must do some things.

1 means you have administrative powers. You can lead any one and you can be successful. you are fit for leading organizations in many ways.

Job Scope for Astrology birth numbers 1,10,19,28

First of all the best job suitable is Team Leaders, Heads, Managers. You are not fit for other things like clerk or any small jobs. You can also become great actor.

Especially 10 born persons can become good artists. They will become popular very easily. These people are highly desirous to become popular. And it will happen very naturally with out much effort.

Money Wise

Money is not a criteria for those who belong to one as birth number. They will have natural abilities to get money. So do not need to think a lot for money. If you do business you will become great business man or woman.

Money flows strongly suddenly without your wish and well. So always take it as a pride. Because if you are born on this amazing birth date you can be highly famous. So be happy for what you are today.


You will get beautiful wife or husband naturally. You must also not consider too much about wife or husband. But I warn you not to go for love related marriages.

For you arranged marriage is good always. But you will be prone to love someone so be taking enough care in love relation. If you give importance to love you will finally fail.

Lucky Numbers and Partners

For you lucky number is 2. This number will give you success and positive feeling. Even If you want to make friendship or If you want to marry someone consider 2 as main lucky number. Other alternative numbers for luck are 4 and 7.

These are also lucky for you in terms of everything like lucky days lucky bike number or lucky inauguration day or lucky house number or mobile digit numbers.

Lucky Colors:

For you lucky color is White. This color brings you enough luck. White means joy. So joy always stays near by you. There are other alternative colors like Yellow and Brown.

Cheiro tell about brown color which is most lucky number for 1 born individuals.

Unlucky dimensions:

Finally the Unlucky number is 8 and 6 and 3. Therefor these 3 numbers are cruelly unlucky. I mean they will bring you wrong things in your life.

Astrology birth number 2,11,20,29 of any month

Career Related Sayings

Think about your job chance is just normal. You are not a person to get a good name in the society but rather a person who always depends on someone and lives a very simple kind and normal life style.

But this does not mean that you will live with out good dress like that. It means you are highly dependent. You can only work under some one.

You are not a good administrator. You must think of becoming Clerk in a bank rather than a bank manager. So try for a job of such nature. Then you are more successful. You can also do business related to beauty.

Financial Success

Your financial things  and money comes from various sources. You can become good with money and earn nicely with beauty parlor.

You will become good and earn well with beauty related business. You can try for jobs like bank clerks and typists. Do not become managers.

You cannot do efficiently. So your jobs are belonging to beauty areas. I can also suggest  to go for setting up fancy stores.

Marital Advice

You must seek for a partner who takes 1 as birth date. 1 born looks after you nicely. So when you want to marry or get some friends or set up one business partner, the best person to choose is to have 1 born beside you.

There are chances for quarrels in you marriage area due to your sensitiveness and doubtful nature and money minded thoughts.

So if you are more careful in these aspects, you can see good marriage life.

Lucky color

Your luck is in blue. Consider blue as your main color on your bed sheets and all other things.  This color will amaze you and will give you great satisfied luck

Astrology reading for 3,12,31,30 of any month

Settlement Advice

You will settle well and finally get job in government. You will have security in the form of government job. It is very easy to get job in civil department or IAS or IPS.

So try hard to reach the suggested job Do not go for private jobs. Try hard for government job. Surely Jupiter will help you reach the targeted goal.

Some other business ideas could be like keeping some educational institutes etc.

Will you have money

Yes I say strongly because you will have lots of possessions and money just by nature. So you must not worry at all about that.

Also check your palm lines for fate line which will tell you the money points. As far as I am here to advice you not to worry about money.

You will have hands full of money always. So be relaxer and live a great life.

Partner selection

When you select your partner, you have to consider selecting 7 born girl or boy. These Neptune people are always right choice to be like friends partner in you finance or such related things. You have to stick to the partner’s date of birth.

If your partner birth is not born on 7 then he or she is not compatible at all. So seek for such person until you get.

Color advice

The best color is Red. For you this color fits as lucky one. If you wear this color on your sheet or paper or in front of your house. You will be more lucky enough with such colors.

Astrology reading free for 4,13,22 born people

For you the best job is court related or writing related. You are very good in writing.  Good to write and help society. So go for court related jobs. Though you are not so successful, you can still become active and hopeful if you take this as they are.

Acceptance of life as it comes to you. I strongly warn not to do any business. You will face loss if you risk business in any way. So never try out business risk. Your money must be saved in banks and use them.

  Marriage Views

You have seek for a partner those who are born under such birthdays like 6, 15. These  number persons will be very much matching to live a happy life.

Your happiness depends on them. Whether you are a boy or girl you must trust in 6 number. This is only the number that will remove most of your general bad luck. Another number to rely upon is 1 which in turn becomes right friend for you.

Your great enemy number is 8. This number is called Saturn. This number really sucks you and will bring you all kind of bad luck.

So never invite this unlucky number into your life either in the form of partnerships or friendships or love relationships. Your lucky color is White.

Rely on this color and this will give you good luck. Your blanket your walls must be with white most of the time. Also remember not to do any thing important when unlucky number falls. Especially 8 as a number is very  bad for you in many ways.