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What is hand reading?

When it comes to interpretations of lines and palm characteristics across palmists. We trace the root of hand reading  from Hindu astrology in India. It spreads all over the continent from there.

We use hand reading or Plamistry to  predict and foretell of various things of a person. This is what is refers to as Hand Reading. Has palm differ in size and shape to the other the same way you’re foretelling is differing with the other. The hand reading predictions made out of your Palm differ also depending from where you come from due to our difference in culture and beliefs.

According to this, We criticize the practice and people see it as pagan belief. In modern world from 18th century palmistry got revival. Irish William John Warner is a modern person to revive palmistry. He went to India studied this course along with astrology. Then made up a palmistry practice in London. He enjoyed himself offering the service to most famous people all over the world.

Hand Lines

This hand reading practice is all about  a person lines, mounts, depending on their sizes intersections and quality. Some readers also read features of the fingers, fingerprints, skin texture, color,fingernails and skin patterns.

Finally the reader or palmists starts by reading the palm you use to write with or the active palm. Palmists consider palm to characterize the conscious mind while the other palm the subconscious mind. Depending on the believe some consider the in active palm that you don’t use to write with, have hereditary qualities or tell about past life on this depends on the reader or the beliefs.

Hand Reading by shape of your hand

Moreover Palmists learn that hand or palm as in four shapes. This is the most common practice by palm readers although there is variation.

With a SQUARE PALM and fingers, reddish color and dense skin you have earth hand. When palmist sees this it means the length of your palm from wrist down to the fingers is the same as the length of the fingers.

Square or rectangular palm with long fingers and swollen knuckles, dry skin and low-set thumbs it means you have air hands. It is foretold that the length of your palm from wrist down the fingers is the same as the length of your fingers.

If you see long or oval shaped palm with long pointed or flexible fingers that water hands. The prediction made is that the length of the palm from the wrist down the fingers is not the same as the width across the widest part of the palm and is the same as the length of the fingers.

Square or rectangular palm with shorter fingers and pink skin are fire hands. The reader will say that the length of the palm from wrist down the fingers and we often compare to the length of the fingers.

According to some readers they include lines when reading the shape of the palm. For earth and water hands seems to have deep lines and few while fire and air seems to have more lines without clear definitions. This will vary depending on the belief and the palmist.

How to know your Hand Reading

Hence, everyone has three lines in both palms and for palmist these lines is the foundation of their reading. The three lines are heart line, head line and life line. Thus there is no variation when palmists reads these three lines as they are seen in everyone palm.

Heart line

This line is the one nearing the thumb in a semi-circle shape like. This line represents love and attraction.

Thus check first image to know the location of Heart Line

Furthermore, It is one of the major lines read first before other lines. To some reader this line starts from the edge of the palm end small finger and running towards the thumb finger. This line is associated or make various predictions.

Because of this we can predict about love life of a person. It can indicate the romantic view and sexual behavior of a person. Other palmists or tarot readers associate this line with emotions of a person. We can use this to fore tell the emotion side on how he or she will act or be acted upon their life time.

More about Heart Line

As a result of variation in reading of the palm some palmist go ahead and read the length and shape of this line and make their predictions. With long heart line we foretell you are ideal and dependent on partner you look up your partner.

With short line it means you are self-centered you don’t like socializing. Deep heart line it means you are stressful always occupied with thoughts.Faint line not clearly seen means you’re sensitive in nature and have weak Heart meaning you can bear pain or be persistent. Owning straight heart line means you have intense feelings.

Forked line means you are a heart breaker. Chained line means you are always in intertwined relationships. With broken lines it means you are always in trouble some relationships. This interpretation of the line tells about love, emotions and state of your heart.

Head Line

Head line is the second line that palmist will identify in your hand. This line starts at the index finger and runs down towards outside of the palm edge. Palmists use this lines to show or predict about their client mind and how it works.

Because includes the intellectual capability, desire for knowledge, how one communicate and which style of learning one uses. It also used to show one creativity level and how he or she approaches analysis of information.

For this reason, we look at the length and shape of this line various palm reads would interpret as follows. Long line, you are ambitious you like knowing new things. Short line means you’re intelligent very bright, deep line means you have excellent memory you can forget easily.

With straight line means you’re very materialistic you love owning things, double line means you are talented with something . Broken line speaks that you will have disappointment in your plans. You fail always. Fainted line means you have poor memory and absent line means you have mental imbalance and lazy.

Life Line

The last basic line of the three is the life line. whatsoever  we consider it the most contradicting line on the palm. This line travels in arc shape from near the middle finger toward outside the palm. This line owns a lot of criticism from interpretations made.

Accordingly, it can fore tell one well-being from physical health. We also believe that to predict on the major changes a person experiences like physical injuries or even relocation.

Therefore When we the readers interpret according to length and shape the say; long line represent good health, short line owns mythical prediction of a short life.

Therefore some others say look for other features like if deep, broken, faint and other features, deep line indicates you have a smooth life. Broken line shows you have struggles in life and losses and absent of this line shows anxiousness or nervousness.

Consequently minor lines on the palm, we use in foretelling. These lines are sun line, union line, girdle line, mercury line, travel line Apollo line and other markings.