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Are You Looking For Ways to Learn Chaldean + Pythagorean Numerology Methods And Receive More Wealth, Abundance and Peace of Mind or Do you know that numbers play a vital role in bringing luck. Do you want to become a Numerologist? This ebook will open the lights of luck to know more about you and about others.

  • Author: Shyam Reddy
  • Title: Become Numerologist
  • Released: July 2020
  • No of pages: 90+
  • Format: PDF ( easy to read on any mobile)
  • No of videos: 21

What will you find in the ebook ?

Table of Contents:

Chapter: 1

  • How Does Numerology Work:
  • Birth Number and Destiny Number
  • Advanced Numerology 1( in-depth analysis)
  • Numerology 2 ( in-depth analysis)
  • Numerology 3 ( in-depth analysis)
  • Numerology 4 ( in-depth analysis)
  • Numerology 5 ( in-depth analysis)
  • Numerology 6 ( in-depth analysis)
  • Numerology 7 ( in-depth analysis)
  • Numerology 8 ( in-depth analysis)
  • Numerology 9 ( in-depth analysis)

Chapter: 2

  • Popular Numbers in Numerology:
  • Numerology Number 15
  • Numerology Number 20 ( why is it bad)
  • Numerology Number 55

Chapter: 3

  • Lottery Numerology ( in-depth analysis)
  • Mobile Number Numerology
  • House Number Numerology
  • Vehicle Numerology ( in-depth analysis)

Chapter: 4

  • Numerology Name Secrets
  • 16 steps for name correction
  • Step By Step Practical Guide
  • How to get free numerology calculator
  • Right Approach for name correction
  • Basics of Name correction
  • Bonus Tips
  • How to use new name after correction
  • Right Mind set up

Chapter: 5

  • Business Numerology
  • Love Numerology
  • Career Numerology
  • Baby Name Numerology

Chapter: 6

  • Hand Reading:
  • What is hand reading
  • Hand Lines
  • Hand Reading by shape
  • Heart Line
  • Head Line
  • Life Line

Chapter: 7

  • Tarot Cards
  • Understanding Tarot Cards
  • Types of tarot cards
  • Loshu Grid
  • How to Use Lo Shu

Video Training

Table of contents:

  • Birthday No 1 predictions
  • Birthday No 2 predictions
  • Birthday No 3 predictions
  • Birthday No 4 predictions
  • Birthday No 5 predictions
  • Birthday No 6 predictions
  • Birthday No 7 predictions
  • Birthday No 8 predictions
  • Birthday No 9 predictions
  • Birthday No 10 predictions
  • Birthday No 11 predictions
  • Birthday No 12 predictions
  • Birthday No 13 predictions
  • Birthday No 14 predictions
  • Birthday No 15 predictions
  • Birthday No 16 predictions
  • Birthday No 17 predictions
  • Birthday No 18 predictions
  • Birthday No 19 predictions
  • Birthday No 20 predictions
  • Birthday No 21 predictions

Never Revealed Information:

Numerology is starting to revolutionize people in ways never thought of before. This ancient Chaldean secret and Pythagoras method can change the way you do things and provide you all of wealth abundance and luck that you’ve been searching for!

Advanced Guide to Finally Understanding Numerology

Did you know that having a negative vibration in your name can affect your relationships with other people and brings lot of unluck in your career.  Just think about it, if you’re not happy, then you transfer that feeling to others in their presence. Who wants to be around a person that is always unhappy every time you’re with them?

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