How Does Numerology Work that would bring prosperity in your life

how does numerology works

I am giving exact process about the working of numerology. Does numerology bring luck that would bring prosperity? Do you know how numerology works? Here is what I came to know after a long research about numerology.

Numerology works in this way by making your name numbers vibrate positively and it works by influencing some of the planets with your birth number. Numerology does work by bringing all the positive vibrations through numbers. Each alphabet in your name represents a number. This number, if good, brings luck or if your name numbers are bad, numerology will not work and instead, it may bring negative results.

How Does Numerology work by name

Now I am going to discuss some Numerology works that lies within your name. The numbers play an important role while you follow the numerology. What are these numbers? How do they look like? There are some numbers that you need to understand and those numbers are 23 and 19 and 10 and 46 and 50 and 43 and 41 and 55 and 10.

Numerology works with lucky numbers

Lucky number works on the date of birth of a person. One may feel lucky today and some others may not feel lucky today.

This is all because of the birth date which rules the day for you. If you are searching for today lucky number then you have landed on the right place.

So today  I am going to explain to you clearly about deciding your lucky number for today.

As per numerology and astrology or horoscope or Chinese Astrology or Psychic, they are all same but the difference is the way they calculate the lucky number and the methodology that they follow while choosing the lucky number.

Always remember that you must know your date of birth correctly and not just from your birth certificates.

If anyone reading this post without knowing your date of birth accurately then I suggest staying far from reading this article.

But If you are fully sure of your date of birth, I will tell you how to calculate each day your lucky number very easily. And now it is time to know your lucky number.

How numerology works with birth number

First, you must know what is your birth number and how destiny number works before understanding today lucky number.

How to find out? It is so easy. Your birth number means your day of birth when reduced to a single digit.

For example: If you are born on 23, then your birth number must be 2+3=5. So 5 is your birth number. If you are born directly on a single digit like 1 to 9 then you do not make this calculation.

Now, what is your destiny number? It is also very easy to calculate. Just take your date of birth, year and month and add totally. Like for example If you are born on 23-6-1994.

Here you have to add 2+3+6+1+9+9+4=34. Again the total of your date of birth must be reduced to a single digit; 3+4=7. So finally 7 is the destiny number. So now you know your birth number and destiny number.

Note that destiny number is also called Fate Number or Life Path Number.

How numerology works with birth and fate number

Now it is time to know how today lucky number works with the help of your birth number and life path number.

For this, it is very important whether today’s date is friendly with your birth and fate number or not.

I will explain here how to know friendly numbers. See in a month we have 30 days and this means thirty numbers. But as per numerology only 9 numbers are there in a month.

Because numerology or astrology or any type of science reduces from 10 to 30 days into a single digit number.

I have already explained to you how to reduce numbers into a single digit. But I will tell her again. 10 means 1+0=1. So 1 is the single digit number of 10. Now.

Birth number or Life path 1 = 2,11, 20,29
Birth number or Life path 2 = 1, 10, 11,19
Birth number or Life path 3 = 7, 16, 25
Birth number or Life path 4 = 6, 15, 24
Birth number or Life path 5 = 3, 12, 21
Birth number or Life path 6 = 9, 18 27
Birth number or Life path 7 = 3, 12, 21, 30
Birth number or Life path 8 = 6, 15, 24
Birth number or Life path 9 = 6, 24, 15

See the above friendly numbers. If so your birth number or destiny number matches for today lucky number.

Then you can go for any inauguration or a celebration or for any function.

These Numerology Number is regarded very powerful in numerology because if you have this powerful number in your name then the power of your name becomes more lucky enough to live a prosperous and good life.

Lucky name numerology means that you have a very good name number power in your calling name.

This name number power will change all the things around you and give you a good future which will really make you successful.

Now I would like to talk about Numerology Number 23 which is called a business number. If you have this number in your business name then your business will become more successful than others.

You will gain profits you will gain all the luck and if you have any losses it will recover all the loss in your business and makes you stand competent.

It will flourish your business automatically.

If you have this number in your name as name number which means you will be very fast in thinking do you have very less patience but still you are thinking is very very strong that enables you to do things faster than what you supposed to do.

And this is where again success comes if you have Numerology Number 23 in your name. Cheiro numerology gives preference to these numbers and especially 23 is the most famous number in the book written by Cheiro.

This book clearly gives all the numbers that have been mentioning in this article.

And the next number which I want to explain is the number 41 which is the combination of the Uranus and Sun.

The combination of these two planets will make you really successful in terms of any work you do or any business you do or any study you do or anything related to success will bring true success.

So believe me Numerology Number 41 gives all the success that you want and that too very fast success.

Now coming to the number 10 this number is called the Wheel of Fortune in so many ancient books of numerology.

This number means it brings very slow luck and studies luck that remains permanent.

The love witch you get out of the number 10 is of permanent in nature because it is the combination of the planets and alone within this number.

As we know the planets sun is all the way powerful than any other planets which means the same thing applies in numerology too.

It is the Wheel of Fortune which brings all luck and it is as a kind of numbers.

Now let me explain about the other Numerology Number 55 I need to say very specially about this number.

The reason is very simple that with this number by applying according to numerology method or according to Pythagoras or Chaldean numerology you can simply get luck within one day or two days.

My following numerology numbers you do not need to wait more time to get lucky with the Number 55.

It is such a unique number which will embrace all the luck within 24 hours of applying it to your name.

It could be to your business name or it could be to your personal name, it brings success. But unfortunately, the negative point of this number is that you will accumulate so many Enemies if you have this number in your name.

People feel getting jealous about your business success or people feel getting jealous about you are a good job for a career.

In this way you have so many Enemies in such a way they may harm you at some point of time it could be physical harm or we could be a business firm so you need to be very careful and you’ll have forgiving nature.

This is all you require in order to become successful with the Numerology Number 55 very unique number according to Cheiro. Now let me talk about Numerology number 46.

This is a combination of the Uranus and Venus. These planets are known for their beauty and Elegance and success.

Venus is the Planet of money. Venus shows its power in all your financial needs.

It will simply bring you success if you have this number in your name. Follow the number 46 and get success in terms of finance.

How numerology works with 5 as birth number

Very important Numerology 5 works with Mercury. You are ruled by this planet. First of all, if you take birth under 5 then you are a really lucky man or woman. In many books, the expert told the same thing.

They told that the number 5 was very good and gives the lucky life wholly. This number showers all kinds of fruits and blessings.

They are very hasty in nature. They want us to do things fast and quick. So it is very clear. They have no patience.

This is one negative thing about them They are really not up to the behavior level.

How can numerology works with job Luck

For this number 5 study is very far. The business will become the primary concern. for them.

They will excel in business.  They will become successful also. Any business that they start will be giving them a lot of luck and joy.

I personally suggest them to do business rather than a private job or else another job. They can hold any type o business.

If there is a money line in their hand, again it is double lucky. So for number 5, it is not a job. But it is business. That is it the truth of the birth date.

How could numerology works with Marriage and Love

You are not so fit for love. You will quarrel with your partner for each and everything.

But you will never get separated or exasperated from your life partner. So when you think of marriage it is just a formality. So just marry and live happy is what the motive.

Nothing you will get out of it. What it means if you really want to live a good marriage life when your whole attention is on business.

Here for marriage, you must get 3 born girl or boy or 2 people. They will give you great nourishment in your marriage life.

How numerology works with Lucky Colors for Numerology 5

As I say Violet plays a lucky role. So go with this color for all purposes of decorating things in life.

Never think of other colors like black. Black will not give you so much luck. Coming to lucky and unlucky numbers, there are no certain numbers called unlucky for these people.

All numbers are unlucky as long as you use them. So this is one great benefit of those 5 related persons.

Overall a great and prosperous saving life you can undergo.

Numerology 6 and how does it work with numerology

Always 6 numerology works with Venus. Numerology 6 persons are very beautiful and also men look highly handsome.

They are usually very romantic and gives importance to physical pleasures. Women like to decorate well.

These are the main features of numerology 6 people. Now I want to tell one more juicy thing about these people.

They cannot stay without loving even a day or a minute. So love is everything for them.

You can have a job that cat fetch you joy and happiness. You cannot do hard work. So all kinds of sitting jobs are fine if you want to grow well.

Any types of massage jobs or clothes and fashion jobs are most suitable for you.

I tell these things uniquely because Venus is finally a romantic planer. One more important thing is Venus means Money.

Do you know how much money can you earn if your birth belongs to this planet? So much money but go towards fashion side jobs.

They will have a love marriage. It is very rare they go for an arranged marriage.

Because they give preference to beauty and love they want love to experience.

So while studying they will fall into love and consequently, they will give fuzzy signals to marry.

Now, who are the best persons for Venus persons? The best persons to love or to make friendship are 9 persons. 9 means Mars.

Venus and Mars are very friendly planets to love or marry.

So do try for this type of match. Then you will live a happy life. But do not marry 1 person.

How numerology works with Lucky and unlucky planets

The unlucky number is 1 for Venus.

This means Sun. Both fight always in the universe. So now if you want to go for a big mission like traveling, then prefer 9 as a date.

This is the only successful number for you in all the cases.

Why not you give a try to this amazing number if you belong to 6 categories of 6,15,24. And furthermore lucky color, I will say is Red and Black.

How does numerology work with Number 7

This is a great unknown and mysterious numerology 7 that works directly on your spiritual realm. If you take birth here, then you are so lucky because you think of mystery a lot.

You are very far from this earthly world. As a result, you are a person of deep thinking like a philosopher.

You can also become a famous personality in poetry or scientist. First of all, they are not for marriage. The most noteworthy thing is most of the remainder as bachelors. I must say this is the truth.

Coming to negative points they have short temper. They get angry too fast. They will also cultivate bad habits like running behind girls and girls going after money.

They steal small things here and there. So I can say many things about this number but this is not the time to fill your mind with too much stuff.

No absolutely, Most of all you will not do any job. You want to sit at home and enjoy life. You want to investigate life.

You are a lonely person who does not want to mingle with others. So if you are planning to do a job, you will not stay there for a long time. But there is something to do.

I say the best job for numerology 7 is just personal home jobs. Sitting at home and downloading something or doing some home based internet works.

Even you want to go for a big job outside. Finally, you will quit in a very short time.

You will marry and get divorced in most cases.

I do not know what exactly is there in this number but unfortunately, marriage is not at all a line for you.

But if at all you want to marry, then go for a person born on 3,21 in any month.

So what every may be finally marriage brings you sadness and unhappiness in your life.

So better be a bachelor rather marrying. You cannot remove all this bad luck state. It is in your birth itself

Your lucky color is blue. Your lucky partner of a friend is category 3. Follow this number in all your good days or use it especially for a purpose.

Do not touch number 4. It is a fighting planet with numerology 7.

How does numerology work with Number 8

Today I want to discuss with you very seriously about Numerology 8 as a number of warning in every way.

These people with 8 as a number in their birth must live life carefully. Though basically, these people are hard workers by nature.

While I write this article I want to share some important things about number 8 dominated by planet Saturn.

Opposite to what others think about 8 is very bad luck birth number.  So do not aim much when you have 8 as a birthday. Rather try to live peacefully.

You can do many jobs easily. You are good at maintaining records. So working in a library or in a historical place will give you job happiness. You can be also a registrar.

Do not travel too much. There are chances that your traveling goes bad. So for you, local jobs are better and never think of international job at all.

Because somebody must take care of yourself. If you do not understand this. then there is a problem.

Money does not flow very easily. Though you will get money, somehow you will spend much money and at the end always suffering and anxiety and stress. You must take care of your money, and do not lend to anyone and at the same situation do not take money from anyone. You cannot pay them back. This is what  I can say as an experienced numerologist.

Lucky Numbers Numerology 8

For 8,26,17 lucky number could be 6 and 9 with equal importance. These numbers will give all luck in terms of money partner, husband-wife friend and for many other days.

The said numbers will save you. So try to use those numbers and get lucky in a shorter time which will not happen usually.

So, in conclusion, I speak out warnings to this birth number in contrast or comparison to any other birthday.

So in addition to this, I want to add one strong point that your most unlucky number is 4. This number hurts you like anything than that what you imagine to be.

How does numerology work with number 9

This is an awesome time eventually to share with about how numerology 9 works. What is this number and how do you interpret if someone took birth in 9 categories like 9,27,18.

These people basically are very fantasy type. They imagine and think of things that those never happen.

They also postpone many things in their life. They are quarrelsome at home and lack of patience with their relatives.

These people are strikingly gorgeous looking but they waste most of the time in dreaming. This way they waste a lot of time not doing anything so seriously.

Dream Jobs

The jobs for numerology 9 most suitable for them are police type. They can easily become a police inspector in any field.

They can also choose to be the Central Bureau of investigation. If not they can also opt for army field.

Whatever may be finally they are into again into adventurous areas. Another option is Financial accounts jobs.

They are fit as a cashier. So in this way, 9 born candidates can opt with types of options as depicted by numerology.

They must also continue studies. There are signs that they will stop in the middle of the studies. So do not give a break in your studies because it is those studies will bring success in life.

You must clearly think your future vision because numerology 9 born persons will not think about the future.

They will see only the present and at the end will be in a difficult position. So never give up what you are doing in any way.

Try to study investigation related subjects more and more. This type of studies will give luck to numerology 9.

Money and Finance Luck

Mars is very smart in giving money to 9 born people. So these persons must work hard to get everything.

So Money comes and enters through only hard work. Sometimes hard work may not succeed.

So make a point to work smartly to earn money. Do not try to change jobs often but stick with the same job and money falls on you automatically.

Do try to save money in the bank or at home. Numerology 9 persons are very much taken up in a luxurious way of living.

They make debts and struggle a lot to come out from that. So try your best to save money rather than spending here and there with unnecessary lifestyle.

I know a friend of mine who belongs to numerology 9.

He spent all that he had and smoke and drink. This way he spoiled his life without studying.

So study hard and succeed with determination and with the help of numerology.

Lucky Color and Lucky Number

Your lucky color is Sky Blue. Your lucky number is 1. So these numbers will give you all the luck embedded with joy.

Furthermore and yet another point to add is they will have good muscle power. So working hard finally will give all the reward.

How does numerology work with number 15

No matter what is your business and how small is your business. If you have this number in your brand name then you will grow into great heights. which means

This number 15 can make you go from small tea hotel to even 5-star hotel. Such is the miracle with number 15.

So if you believe in numerology it will surely give you great wealth. Dell company and Ebay possess the same number 15 in their brand name.

Numerology Calculation for number 15 in name number depends on your birth date.

If you are born on 6 combinations and your destiny number is the friendly planet for your birth number, then you can go for 15 as your name number which brings you good luck.

15 is so powerful since ages. We can simply become famous with this number as name number.

When you want to have 15 as name number, you should also take care of your vowels and consonants in your name.

Your vowels and consonants should be perfectly matching with your birth number. You need to consider also the number of letters in your name.

15 becomes powerful only when you take the steps mentioned above when naming yourself or your baby.

How does Numerology 20 work?

In this way, we have to think of numerology 20 in our personal life or business life.

This is a number which must be carefully avoided. This is a number which counts things to dangerous sides.

I can give various examples of how 20 is affected in the world. So be careful about number 20.

Numerology meanings of number 20 are very dangerous to ponder upon.

How does numerology work with Number 20 in Titanic

Number 20 work with the Titanic ship. Now I don’t tell much about Titanic and how much does this number effect.

In this way how Titanic became successful initially and later how does it strike through and through.

Titanic has gone fully out of order.  Number 20 is called a judgment number. This number gives totally a sudden judgment.

So sudden mishap happens with number twenty. This is the number of down-struck.

This is a number of sole destruction. This is a careful number of which everyone must take care of.

Number 20 is mostly bad for vehicles like bus train flight etc.

How does numerology work with Number 20 Vehicles

Any vehicle containing this number has its effect totally on the vehicle. It will meet with an accident surely and it is the highest of everything to happen in one or other way.

In this way, the number will affect fully and it will give you the highest honor every way Do not have a fancy number on vehicles when added coming up to 20. This will suck you badly.

You will be met with accidents and mishaps with such numerology 20 as vehicle number.

How does numerology work with Number 55

55 means very fast luck. You can simply get luck within a very short span of time especially if you have a business in this name or if you have it as your personal name.

55 is regarded as one of the powerful numbers by Cheiro. It is understood by Cheiro that you will get lucky fast.

But there are one problem with this number that it will bring your enemies along with luck.

So you must be careful not to let enemies damage you in one or other way.

So while thinking about this number, you must also think about your enemies too in a very special way.

Otherwise, you cannot come up successfully. Numerology number 55 is very powerful and will bring progress in a very less amount of time.

You can keep it as the new name for any newborn with this number or else you can correct your existing name to 55 or you can start a business with this number so that you can prosper your business very fast and get profits even you have less investment.

You can compete very well with other businesses too if you have 55 as your office number.

Not to mention about enemies that this number will bring to you, I suggest not to have this number if you have more enemies around already or if you are a person of hot temper.

For those who are soft nature who have less number of enemies can have this number as your personal number or a business number.

55 is the combination of 5 and 5 which means the combination of Mercury and Mercury. It is a planet of fastness.

Quick in nature and good in luck. Many ancient people have used it to be successful.

They remained successful despite all impossibilities around them. So I suggest strongly to use this number and become all the more powerful than what you are now.

Get huge profit and success with this numerology number 55

How does numerology work with the lottery

Lottery number is always a question of a secret. Usually, numerologists will never tell this mystery.

But every numerologist knows very well about how to win the lottery with numerology.

In spite of the failures in life, you can simply become rich and successful with just one number in the aim of the lottery.

So It is very important to know which number plays what type of role in getting rich through numbers.

Winning lottery needs to select a particular type of numbers.

The numbers are like very powerful ones which we know throughout history.

Whichever the possibility the best thing is to make sure to pick up lucky numbers.

So the lucky numbers are the heart of the lottery winning. So in and around you must be tick those numbers in your mind. If you know which numbers could play a vital role you can simply win any type of lottery.

So here you have to follow numerology. This numerology based predictions about numbers will make you win that precious lottery which you have been desiring for the long years.

Winning is very easy when it comes to the lottery with the help of numerology numbers.

So which are the lucky numbers:

  1. Nineteen(19) is a super lucky number in Numerology.
  2. Ten(10) is the number of fortune of the wheel.
  3. Twenty three(23) is the lucky business number.
  4. Fifteen(15) is the number of money in numerology.
  5. Twenty-five(25) is the number of intellectual power.
  6. Thirty-two(32) is also a lack of everything.
  7. Thirty-five(35) gives sudden luck in the lottery.
  8. Thirty-seven(37) is known as the king of lottery winning.
  9. Forty-one(41) sweeps all the competition in the lottery and wins.
  10. Forty-three(43) brings also instant success while buying lottery.
  11. Forty-six(46) is the number of winning first prize.
  12. Fifty(50) is a sure win number.

The above 12 numbers must be used and chosen. When you choose the lucky lottery number, give the highest preference to the above 12 numbers and It is damn sure you will win the lottery.

This is the power of great science called numerology. This numerology of lucky numbers plays a lucky and prosperous role.

Automatically these number will come in the winning draw. So search for such type of number while buying lottery.

This is the only way to win the lottery through a lottery. In this way, you can be successful.

But nowadays the lottery owners are very clever enough not keeping lucky numbers at all in the list. So here again all difference comes.

When you buy a lottery from a company you have to analyze its past draws and which numbers have taken role while winning.

So this is the way. If you see there are no lucky numbers at all, then I am sure you have to go with unlucky numbers.

Most of the lottery owners nowadays play with unlucky numbers. Some times prize is hidden in unlucky numbers.

So it is your research about lottery winning numbers that makes you lucky.

So when you choose a lottery to try to use numerology lucky and powerful numbers.

They can bring success and make you rich or some times gives you prosperity. This is how to win the lottery with Numerology.

How does numerology work with mobile number

Next, I want to speak about your lucky mobile number, as this topic was not discussed in olden days.

So now as per the latest technology, your mobile number is always a dominating perspective and you need to take extra care to have a lucky mobile number.

This will ensure safe conversations and lucky results when you converse with your friends or officers.

Having a fancy number is something different from having a mobile number that is lucky and fortunate.

So I suggest as-as numerologist concentrate more on having a lucky number rather than having a fancy number which may not be lucky at all.

So In this article, I will clearly mention out how to get lucky mobile number and what are the features and steps that we follow according to Numerology.

Numerology says that if you want a lucky mobile number First you must analyze your date of birth and then you must take choice which number would benefit you most.

So it is your birth number that decides your lucky number and not the fancy number. Remember your fancy number will spoil your total personal life in one way or the other.

What happens if you have an unlucky mobile number? Your mobile number can become an enemy by becoming wrong way taken conversation.  Your conversation becomes wrong.

People misunderstand you wrongly. When you talk over the phone you will feel uncomfortable totally while talking over the phone.

So if you want your mobile number give you lucky talks and if you want to listen to good news and if you want to have conversation healthy and peaceful so consider having a lucky mobile number.

The lucky numbers are 5, 9, 7

The numbers 5, 9, 7  must be there. You will know this by adding all numbers up to a single digit.

For example9666674264. When you reduce into single digit then the number is 56 which means 11 and it is 2 as a final single digit number.

This would be also extremely lucky but only for some people. So I suggest considering universally lucky numbers 5, 9, 7

How does numerology work with House number

Our House is the temple of giving happiness to the people live in that home. what is house number meanings?

So it is very important to have a lucky house number whatsoever. To get lucky house number depends on many factors.

Because when we give a lucky number to the house we must make sure that the house numerology suits to all the generation who live in that house in the future.

This is simply known as house number meanings

Today I will explain to you how to have a good and lucky house number. For example, if your house number is 25/3.

Then the total number is 10 which is a very lucky number in numerology but not lucky for the house.

The reason is 10 is represented as the sun which is very lucky and at the same time it is the enemy planet for Venus that is 6.

So if someone born on 6 lives in the house then the problem would arise there and the 6 people may not live happily.

So in order to avoid such type of bad luck .what to be done is a big question. In house numerology, we first clear certain things about the universal lucky number which are suitable for all people and those numbers by which everyone can be lucky throughout generations.

So you must know what are those lucky numbers in numerology which can be a house number.

One of the powerful numbers that stand in house numerology is 5. This number 5 is amazingly lucky to any house number or apartment number. 5 is known as a universal and lucky number for anyone and for all.

This will give lucky to all the people live in the house. So now you understand the power of 5 to be a house number.

So now I rectify the number in the first paragraph 25/3 house number to 25/7 and this will bring 14 and to the single digit 5. So the number will be very lucky.

There are still other numbers which are universally lucky. They are like 7, 9. These both numbers and especially 7 is amazingly lucky if you have as your house number.

7 is regarded as one of the best all-around numbers in numerology. So it is also very lucky if you keep to your home as a house number.

Numerology is a wonderful science which will work very nice if at all you use in a better way. Numerology never denies luck for whatsoever reason unless you are careless in choosing a number.

If you choose a good number, you will be lucky or else you will be unlucky. It all depends on how you choose the right number at the right point.

If you have any confusion you can approach Expert Numerologists like Shyam Reddy and don’t try for yourself with half knowledge which will give you other numbers.

So understanding certain principles in numerology will certainly give your house a better place to live and work with.

Your house numerology is nothing but the game of numbers to get lucky or unlucky life.

When giving house number also you must make sure that enemy number does not fall side by side.

This is something advanced numerology. Which means even if the total number is coming to 5 but if the internal numbers side by side is not of positive vibration, even then there would be some problem.

So make sure that your house numerology is best fit in all aspects of Numerology. Then you will enjoy the system of numerology and you will fell a sense of positive vibration among numbers and planets which will show its effect.

This is what all about house numerology which was give by Chaldean sects and Pythagoras people to many people

How does numerology work

First of all, how to choose a lucky number for your vehicle. I give you vehicle number numerology. I remind all amateur numerologists not to reduce vehicle number into a single digit number and come to the conclusion that it is lucky. I agree with this, but it is secondary. Then what is the first very very important thing that you need to consider to get a lucky number for your bike or car? Recently I saw a car met with an accident. The vehicle number numerology is 4883. The total of this number is 23 or 5  which is very lucky in numerology. But why this vehicle met with an accident. What is the reason?

I challenge anyone gives me the correct reason why the vehicle with number 4883 taking lucky number 5 met with an accident. Now I will explain to you the biggest secret in vehicle number numerology when knowing your lucky bike number. Remember, You have to primarily check the friendly numbers before you add the numbers. For example in the above bike number 4883.  The number 4 and number 8 is enemy numbers. They cannot be side by side. They are like fire and water. You should never try 4 wits 8. This is a possible danger. That was the reason why the accident took place.

Secondly, Remember, You have to choose a bike in terms of compound number and if it is lucky then reduce to a single digit number. For example, if the bike number is 2374. The total is 16. This is called the compound number which is unlucky. If you reduce 16 to 7 single digit and think 7 is a lucky number then you are making a mistake. So compound number should be lucky first, then only reducing to a single digit number.

Thirdly, Remember, You have to understand that 9 is the best lucky number for any person. I say this because If 6 born person’s lucky number in a free astrology reading is 6 and if he chooses the same number for the bike, then the bike is lucky only for you. For example, if you give a lift to 1 born person then the bike would meet with an accident. The reason is that the bike number 6 is the enemy for the 1 person. Fourthly, Remember, 9 is the universal number which is almost friendly with any number, You can also consider 5 as your lucky number for bike or car.

1 born should choose 9 as your lucky bike number

2 born should choose 5 or 9 as your lucky bike/car number

3 born should choose 5 or 9 as your lucky bike/ car number

4 born should choose 5 or 9  as your lucky bike/ car number

5 born should choose 5 as your lucky bike/car number

6 born should choose 5 or 9 as your lucky  bike/ car number

7 born should choose 5 or 9 as your lucky bike/ car number

8 born should choose 5 or 9 as your lucky bike/ car number

9 born should choose 9 as your lucky bike/car number

Choosing a bike number also depends on the lucky compound number. The dangerous compound numbers are 13, 16, 18, 20, 26, 31, 48. These compound numbers are deadly.

Remember never and ever, you should get these compound numbers as your bike number Not only as a compound number but every they should not be in a total bike number like 1651. 1 and 6 are adjacent to each other.

This is a problem. Also, it should not be like in 6512. 1 and 6 are internally coming, So be careful when choosing your lucky number for your bike or car. Conclusion: When you buy a bike or car, don’t hesitate to spend money on a lucky number. Don’t go for fancy numbers. Most of the fancy numbers are deadly. For example 999. This means 18. This is a dangerous compound number.

Not only as a compound number but every they should not be in a total bike number like 1651. 1 and 6 are adjacent to each other. This is a problem. Also, it should not be like in 6512. 1 and 6 are internally coming, So be careful when choosing your lucky number for your bike or car. Conclusion: When you buy a bike or car, don’t hesitate to spend money on a lucky number. Don’t go for fancy numbers. Most of the fancy numbers are deadly. For example 999. This means 18. This is a dangerous compound number.

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